The NHD website explained the competition: “You will look through libraries, archives and museums, conduct oral history interviews, and visit historic sites. After you have analyzed and interpreted your sources, and have drawn a conclusion about the significance of your topic, you will then be able to present your work in one of five ways: as a paper, an exhibit, a performance, a documentary, or a website.”

Regan Lamberson is the Social Studies Coordinator for Frenship. She said that students worked on their projects individually or in groups, and that their focus centered around the “Communications in History” NHD theme.

“As with any endeavor, many of the students were interested and really got into their projects, especially when it came to their presentations” Lamberson said. “We held campus competitions and they presented to a panel of judges.”

Lamberson said that they took the top three projects from each middle school campus and submit them to the Virtual Regional Competition on February 15. They are set to receive results in early March.

“The competition is a nationwide competition,” Lamberson said. “It starts at the campus level and then progresses to regionals. The regional winners progress to state, and the state winners go on to the national competition.”

Lamberson said the NHD program helps students develop skills in communication, research, thinking, and team building. She said it also helps them develop confidence as they present their projects during the competition.

“We feel like competitions such as NHD help students not only develop academic skills,” Lamberson said, “but also develop skills they will carry with them into their future careers.”

Students from each middle school campus that advanced to the Virtual Regional Competition are listed below:

Frenship Middle School:

Rayli DeVore, Ashley Griffin, and Melody Martinez (group presentation)

Mackenzie West, Gracie Speed, and Rylee Mize (group presentation)

Kynzli Prichard, Emie Dawson, Lauren Fernihough, and Sanaa Murphy (group presentation)


Heritage Middle School:

Owen Demaray, Tristan Duran, and Bradley Merritt (group presentation)

Kaylee Rodriguez, Kynlie Smith, and Gloria Vesquez (group presentation)


Terra Vista Middle School:

Presley Hanks, Alexis Franco, and Emerson Stansell (group presentation)

Mari Garza and Keegan Martin (group presentation)

Althea Doctolero (individual presentation)


Congratulations to all of the individual and group presentations that are representing Frenship in this prestigious competition.