Texas Tech Credit Union Surprises Three Frenship Teachers with Classroom Cash

Tyler Young, Business Development Director at TTCU, said that because TTCU was founded as an education-based credit union, they are dedicated to serving teacher and students.

“Every year the Texas Tech Credit Union does what we call the Classroom Cash Giveaway,” Young said. “It’s a way for us to invest in local educators as they seek to support their students in the classroom.”

Young said that this year especially, TTCU felt the need to help as many teachers as possible, “In a year like this where teachers are being asked to do things they have never had to do before like having to learn new ways to connect with students, new ways to present materials – we just felt like it was important for us to take the burden off of those teachers a little bit.”

Brian Singletary, World Geography teacher at the FHS Ninth Grade Center, said it was a total shock when Tyler Young and his principal walked into his classroom with the check. He said he never imagined he would be selected.

“It’s amazing to see an organization like Texas Tech Credit Union give teachers classroom money,” Singletary said. “It speaks to what they focus on and what they think is important.”

Ida Richards, Special Education teacher at Westwind Elementary, was surprised by TTCU and her principal during one of her classes.

“It was a little overwhelming actually,” Richards said. “I completely didn’t expect it.”

Holly Ybarra, sixth grade math teacher at Heritage Middle School, said the money that she won will help her students and her classroom.

“I greatly appreciate it,” Ybarra said as she became emotional. “This is awesome. Thank you for helping teachers.”

Young said that the TTCU does the Classroom Cash Giveaway to give back, and that it is something they have done for several years and will continue to do.

“It really is just great to see the look on their faces,” Young said. “We recognize the value of what they do, so this is just a way for us to show our love and support back to them.”