Terra Vista Takes on Television & Radio

Alison Morrison explaining how producer worksOn Friday April 10th, Terra Vista Middle School’s advanced broadcast students visited local news stations. The students gained real world context of future careers they could choose from, with the skills they have learned the past two years they have been in Broadcast Media at Terra Vista. The students began their day at Frenship High School to see what the audio and visual program offers at the high school level, and were able to do a mock newscast in each news position. Then the students headed to KAMC/KLBK station to tour the facilities. Students witnessed employees editing local Lubbock commercials in their offices and then were able to watch the midday KMAC newscast at 11:00 AM. After lunch the students travelled to FOX 34’s news station and watched a prepared “mock” 30 minute newscast including news, weather and sports. The students loved FOX 34’s virtual green screen set and getting to sit in the control room and watch the director punch the next shot. While taking a tour of Fox 34, the students were also able to get a glimpse of life on the radio. The Ramar Communications office let the students tour their facilities and see what it takes to go live on the radio.