North Ridge Elementary Student Embodies Frenship’s SERVE Model by Giving Back in a Big Way

Alleigh said it all started on her PE teacher’s birthday. She explained that she had been working on drawing a tiger, and thought it was the perfect gift for Coach Northcutt (North Ridge PE teacher). She said after that, teachers and students all over the school wanted her drawings as well. Alleigh said shortly after she started being asked for drawings, she learned about her great Aunt’s situation.

“With all the wildfires that are happening, I decided to start selling my drawings and raise money for the people effected by the wildfires and flooding,” Alleigh said. “I have a scheduling notebook where me and my dad can keep track of my drawings.”

Alleigh said she felt called to help, not only because it changed the lives of some of her family members, but also because she wants to pay it forward to all people that need help.

With a smile on her face, Alleigh explained the main reason she wanted to help, “I just think it is important to give back to others because one day you might be in desperate need and someone you gave back to might help you, or might pay it forward to someone else.”

Alleigh’s father, Jeremiah, said she has been an artistic kid for as long as he can remember. He said when she decides she wants to make something; she just does it. He said that artistic drive, coupled with her servant heart, is what makes Alleigh so special.

“She really likes to help other people and volunteers whenever possible,” Jeremiah said. “I am very proud of her and she inspires me every day.”

Jeremiah said Alleigh has won multiple first place ribbons from the South Plains Fair after entering her three-dimensional art. He said over the last few years she has submit models of the Eiffel Tower and Cinderella’s Castle from Disney World, both of which won blue ribbons.

“They both took about a month to build,” Jeremiah said. “I think on Cinderella’s castle, she hand-glued over six-thousand bricks, one at a time. She researches and learns and just does it.”

Jeremiah said that Alleigh can sketch just about anything, and if someone is interested in donating and receiving a sketch to send her an email at He said the drawings are $10 and Alleigh loves to turn your favorite photos into a sketch. He said she has done portraits, landscapes, family pets and more!