In 2020, Whataburger launched their Feeding Student Success initiative to connect communities with Whataburger to provide essential tools for the students and teachers to succeed in their communities and schools.

As part of this initiative, and to further celebrate teacher appreciation week, 30 teachers throughout the  communities Whataburger serves received a grant. They selected schools in those communities, and then the teachers voted. The teachers and staff at the FHS Ninth Grade Center selected Algebra I teacher Shana Fry as one the grant recipients.

“We thought it was a good idea to give back to our teachers, because they are the ones ‘feeding’ the students in our communities knowledge,” said Whataburger Corporate Field Marketing Coordinator Casey Keene.

During Teacher Appreciation Week, Whataburger sent breakfast to the FHS Ninth Grade Center and then showed up to surprise Fry in her class with a $1,000 check. Fry’s class cheered for their teacher as she received the check.

“This is not a job I ever dread coming to. I mean every day is amazing here,” said Fry. “The kids this year have changed my life, I’ve poured my heart and soul into them and my pocketbook.”

Fry spoke about how she uses her own money to reward her students for their hard work in class.

“Any time they do something great I try to reward them with something that they cam feel good about. Their grades are great, and the grades will stick with them throughout and the knowledge they gain will last forever, but an immediate reward to be able to hand out – that’s big.”

Fry stated she will use the money to pour into the students next year and continue to reward their hard work.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”