On Tuesday, several fourth and fifth graders at Legacy met after school for the first STEM club meeting hosted by Texas Tech CISER students. The TTU students run the club and provide all materials to enrich and expose the students to STEM lessons. The activities are STEM related and not TEKS based. There are currently 26 students with about a 3:2 boy to girl ratio.

“I believe it is so important to provide challenging opportunities for our students outside of the classroom,” said Melinda Shough, fourth grade teacher at Legacy. “These students have a desire to learn and give up their free time to participate and extend their knowledge beyond the classroom.”

The first meeting involved a strawberry DNA investigation. Students mashed strawberries then used dish soap, salt, and hydrogen peroxide to extract the DNA. Every week the lesson and lab will be different, covering a wide variety of STEM subjects.

“I think STEM club will allow students opportunities and open their eyes to careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics allowing them to become leaders and creators of the future,” said Shough.