Latest Bond Project Is Underway at FISD

It has been a busy week in the primitive stages for one of the major projects to come from the $85.2 million approved bond passed in May 2014.

Breaking Ground-1 (12-4-15)Ninth Grade Center: Dirt has started being pushed just south of the Frenship Athletic Complex to prepare for the Ninth Grade Center that is slated to open Fall 2017. More than 75 percent of the proposed bond has been dedicated to campus construction of the Ninth Grade Center and an eighth elementary campus; the two major projects.

South Elementary School: Installation of the brick façade is almost complete on south side of the building and construction is beginning on north side.

The interior walls are being framed and the HVAC ductwork is being installed. New boundary lines and a name for the campus hope to be decided at the January 18 Board of Trustees meeting.

High School Renovations: Construction crews are currently working on the secured entry at South entrance to the building. The walls in the Culinary Arts classroom are being tiled and progress is moving right along for this latest improvement.

Java City, just outside the cafeteria entrance, is complete and ready for Aramark to open. An open house is tentatively scheduled for January 18 at 5:00 pm to unveil the amazing improvements that have taken place at Frenship High School.