Kindergarten Class Gives Back in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey

One classroom at Upland Heights is using a small act of kindness to create a big impact.

Upland Heights Teacher Brittni Jakstas knew she wanted to contribute to the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, but she wasn’t sure how to help. Her answer came in the form of a Facebook post calling for teachers and students to “adopt” classrooms in Houston.

Through this adoption process, the students in Jakstas’ class will be sending school supplies, drawings and messages of encouragement to their assigned Houston classroom.

“When I described the project to my students, several of them said they heard about the flooding in Houston on the news,” explained Jakstas said.

“I thought this would be a great way to provide help in Houston, but also a way to teach my students about the importance of helping others.”

Students in Jakstas’ class recently were recently creating artwork to send to their adopted classroom.

Kindergartener Charlie Henry was working diligently on her drawing.

“I’m drawing flowers and cookies and other things that are happy. It makes me happy to know that I get to help other kids and draw them pictures!” she exclaimed.

Hurricane Harvey has forced over 30,000 Texans to evacuate their homes. The storm has dumped over 19 trillion gallons of rain over southeast Texas in the past week.