Frenship Superintendent’s Student Advisory Board Met For First Time This School Year

Dr. McCord explained that in addition to meeting every six-weeks, members of her Student Advisory Board will help with Community Tours of Frenship High School and the FHS Ninth Grade Center, assist in packing Tiger Bites food bags, and will participate in multiple community service activities.

Dr. McCord said she looks forward to each meeting and that it is one of her favorite parts of being Superintendent. She said she loves watching the students grow and flourish in their high school careers and within this program.

“I think that being on this board prepares students to model the Frenship Way, prepares them to be responsible and engaged citizens, and also I think it gives them confidence to realize how special they are and to realize what exciting opportunities lie ahead for them,” Dr. McCord said.

Dr. McCord explained that students apply to be on her Student Advisory Board during the spring semester of their eighth-grade year. She said after students submit their application, each of the three middle school principals will select two student applicants to be on her Student Advisory Board.

“So that we can have consistency on the board, we ask students to apply as eighth-graders, and then we keep the same kids on the board for their entire high school experience,” Dr. McCord said.

Andrew Narvais is a new Freshman member of the Student Advisory Board. He said that this opportunity is something he has looked forward to since was an elementary student at North Ridge. He said he feels that the opportunity to be able to collaborate with his peers and Dr. McCord is invaluable.

“I just really like community service and I like giving back, so I though this would be a unique experience to do so,” Narvais said.

JD Harvey and Gabrielle Louis are both Senior members of the Student Advisory Board. They have been members of the board since they were Sophomores, and said they are looking forward to continuing to serve their fellow high school classmates, as well as the communities around them.

Louis said she likes being a member of the Student Advisory Board because she feels like she is making an actual difference for the entire school district.

“Being in this group [Student Advisory Board] is more about serving the district as a whole rather than just being a member of a club or organization at school,” Louis said. “This group is more about serving all fourteen schools, instead of just the high school.”

Louis said she is grateful to be a part of this group because it allows her to give back to the Frenship community.

“One of the most significant programs we help with is Tiger Bites,” Louis said. “Even with COVID impeding on so many activities, having Tiger Bites as a constant really shined a light on how unique and awesome Frenship really is and how it honestly is a family. This group really allows us to be a part of that.”

Harvey said he appreciates Dr. McCord for giving him and his peers in the Student Advisory Board the opportunity for their voices and opinions to be heard.

“Dr. McCord wants to know what we think we can do to better Frenship and help with our community,” Harvey said. “It feels nice to know that we have an impact on students all across the district.”

Harvey said that he eventually wants to pursue a career in education, specifically to become a Superintendent someday.

Harvey explained that through through the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Board, Dr. McCord has inspired him to follow his dreams and to continue to give back to his community,  “It just means a lot to know that even though Frenship is such a large school district that Dr. McCord values the students and our opinions so much.”