During the two-day virtual conference, staff had the opportunity to participate in various sessions relating to Measure of Academic Progress known as MAP testing for kindergartners through eighth grade. The sessions touched on a wide range of topics including narrowing the gaps in student achievement, creating equitable academic opportunities for students, learning during a pandemic, how to challenge advanced students in the Gifted and Talented program, and much more.

“Our hope is that the administrators take away at least one new idea or new way of thinking that will impact their teachers and how they use their data for instruction, which hopefully extends to the students and ways they can use the data to set goals and grow their learning,” said Dr. LeAnn Fisher, Frenship ISD Director of Assessment and Accountability.

On a normal year, only a limited number of staff members can attend the conference held in Plano due to traveling and costs. This year, with the conference held virtually, Fisher said more Frenship staff members were able to take advantage of the training and have time to debrief and reflect on the learning as a group.

Whether it is in person or virtual, Fisher said it is crucial for staff to continuing learning and growing as leaders to better serve their students.

“It is important to continuously look to improve upon our practices. This particular training offers ways for us to do this by not only learning from those who work with the program at the corporate level, but also from other districts who implement the program on their own campuses.”