Frenship Junior Varsity and Varsity pom competed in seven group routines and 9 solos events at American Dance and Drill Competition. After a full day of dance, Frenship proved their skill and spirit by receiving the Best of the Best award, which is the highest honors of the competition.

In addition to the team and solo awards, Melissa Oakley, the varsity pom coach, was awarded the title of Outstanding Director, which was voted on by all the teams at the competition.

“We are so incredibly proud of both teams for their dedication this competition season, but we aren’t done yet,” said Oakley. “In 2 weeks, we will be traveling to New Braunfels to compete in an even larger and more difficult competition, Crowdpleasers Dance!”

Below are all 25 awards and accolades collected by the Frenship Pom teams:

Solo Winners 

2nd runner up small team solo- Halley Reynolds

Small team solo winner- Rachael Boyer

Winners circle solo (best of the best solos)- Rachael Boyer

Academic awards

Frenship JV- 4th highest GPA in JV division with a 3.69

Frenship Varisty- 2nd Highest GPA in division with a 3.75

Team awards 

JV team competed Jazz, Pom and Hiphop routines. Varsity competed Lyrical, Pom, Hiphop routines.

BOTH JV and VARSITY received the following awards FOR ALL THEIR TEAM ROUTINES (a first for our program)

Gussie Neil Davis award


Judges award for every routine (all judges scored every routine above a 94)

Platinum award for Choreography, Presentation, Technique, Precision for all routines.

Frenship Varsity Pom also received a special “WOW FACTOR” award for their Pom routine

Frenship also competed as an ALL SQUAD team and competed a routine in the Peprally division.

Frenship ALL SQUAD WON the Peprally Division and also received a Gussie Neil award for this routine

Overall awards 

Best In class JV division

1st runner up- FRENSHIP JV POM

Best in Class for small team division – Frenship Varsity Pom

BEST OF THE BEST (highest overall team in the entire competition)

5th runner up- Frenship JV POM

Winner- Frenship Varsity