Frenship Middle School Teacher Surprised by Whataburger in Honor of World Teachers’ Day

Randy Gross, Senior Area Manager for Whataburger, said to show appreciation for all the educators who impact students, Whataburger asked more than one hundred schools to nominate standout teachers on their campuses. He said after receiving numerous submissions, Whataburger wanted to recognize Massey for providing exemplary contributions both in and out of the classroom.

“Teachers face many challenges today and Whataburger just wants to be a part of thanking them and taking care of them,” Gross said. “In today’s climate there are daily challenges and teachers sacrifice on a continual basis. They put themselves at possible risk to grow the hearts and minds of our children and Whataburger wants to be part of that.”

Gross said Whataburger is honored to support and recognize teachers and educators across the ten-state Whataburger footprint. He said in addition to recognizing individual teachers, Whataburger also put up special “Thank You” signs in their restaurants and on banners on social media.

“This year, our teachers are more valuable than ever – and at Whataburger, we’re celebrating them as part of our Whataburger Feeding Student Success program,” said Gross.

Massey, who was completely surprised by the recognition, and thankful to Whataburger, said awards and recognitions like this give her, and her fellow teachers, motivation to continue their work as educators.

“I think it is amazing,” Massey said. “It gives us a little motivation, especially in times like these where we put ourselves down a lot. It is nice to be recognized and know that we are doing good and that other people see us.”

Casey Loafman, FMS Principal, said when Whataburger reached out to his campus to nominate a teacher, he formed a committee to figure out who they should nominate. He said Briana Massey was “the one.”

“She does a great job leading our seventh grade RLA team,” Loafman said. “She has always been innovative and is always willing to step up for her students.”

Loafman said Massey’s high expectations are what sets her apart as an educator.

“Her kids love her class,” Loafman said. “They know it’s going to be hard, but they know its going to be enjoyable with the innovative lessons that she plans each and every day.”