pj day

Every year, Frenship ISD schools participate in the Miracle Pennies program that supports UMC Children’s Hospital and Children’s Miracle Network. Every dollar donated from the schools stays right here in Lubbock and directly benefits the kids at UMC Children’s Hospital. Five Frenship ISD schools came together to raise over $10,000 during this fundraiser. The program itself raised nearly $50,000 throughout the Lubbock area.

Frenship Ninth Grade Center                    $7,191.11

Frenship – Heritage Middle School           $1,372.31

Frenship High School                                 $712.41

Frenship Middle School                             $1,720.47

Frenship – Oak Ridge Elementary              $1,899.89

Frenship schools raised money by orchestrating dress-up days where students could pay a dollar to participate. Oak Ridge Elementary had several dress-up days where students got to wear their pajamas to school.

The FHS Ninth Grade Center set a goal to raise $5,000 to beat the previous year’s amount of $4,500. Students paid to wear hats and their pajamas to school and participate in a “Free Food Day” where. The Ninth Grade Center had a kickball tournament for staff and students and a “donation celebration” where students could donate to watch Principal Justin Burrus get his head shaved by a student after reaching their goal. Efforts continued to spur on when Assistant Principal Joshua Pratt promised to wear a prom dress to school after Spring Break.

“I am so proud of our Ninth Grade Center students because their donations during this fundraiser embody Frenship Way and the Learner Profile in that they were civically engaged in helping their local community towards a noble cause,” said Burrus. “I was taken aback by their generosity and spirit. This fundraiser helped build our campus culture and brought us all together as human beings. We will definitely be participating again next year, although this year’s total will be very difficult to surpass.”

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