United States Marines Sergeant James Ramirez and Sergeant Kadrick Johnson surprised White with a check for $180,000.
“It is a $180,000 scholarship that Hunter will be able to use at any college or university in the United States,” Ramirez said. “It’s a very hard scholarship to earn. You have to have a very high ACT score and a high ASVAB score.”
The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is an exam that measures the student’s potential for academic and occupational success in the military. It also determines the best type of military job for the test taker.
“Hunter went above and beyond with academics and with his physical fitness,” Ramirez explained. “Hunter was introduced to us at one of our workouts by a friend. He expressed interest but said he wanted to go to college first. I explained to him that through this program you can go to school first and get your degree.”
Ramirez said that with this scholarship, White would be able to attend any college or university of his choosing and once he has obtained his degree, White would be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps.
White was joined by this parents, administrators and several students as he was surprised with his scholarship.
“I just found out that 33,000 students applied for this scholarship and only 15 were accepted, and I was one of the 15,” White said. “I have been working and pushing my body to the limit to be the best I can possibly be. I tried to stay focused to keep my grades up and do well.”
White said he plans on graduating, attending a university, and using this opportunity to pave the way for the rest of his life.
“I was interested in the Marines because of their ideals, their hard work and their dedication,” White said. “I want to be a part of that.”