Frenship High School District UIL Results

Congratulations to the Frenship High School students who competed at the District UIL meet this weekend. The top three individual places and the 1st place team all advances to regional. The top six places earn points for the Sweepstakes trophy.

Below are results for FHS students:



Brandon Hayes, 5th place

3RD PLACE TEAM: Brandon Hayes, Ethan Oursbourn, Brandon Ritchie


Calculator Applications:

Garrett Stanford, 5th place

3RD PLACE TEAM:  Garrett Stanford, Kier Monteverde, Clydos Pinkert, Zach Sims


Computer Apps:

Mackenzie Boyd, 5th place

Joshua Kennon, 6th place


Computer Science:

Gavin House, 1st place

Cameron Arellano, 2nd place

Heath Gossett, 3rd place

Garrett Stanford, 4th place

1ST PLACE TEAM:  Gavin House, Cameron Arellano, Heath Gossett, Garrett Stanford


Current Issues & Events:

Max Mallindine, 2nd place

Joshua Starr, 4th place

2ND PLACE TEAM:   Max Mallindine, Joshua Starr, Spencer Lopez, Payton Wilhite


Editorial Writing:

Caitlyn Rush, 3rd place


Feature Writing:

Caitlyn Rush, 1st place

Mackenzie Boyd, 3rd place


Headline Writing:

Caitlyn Rush, 3rd place


Informative Speaking:

Brenley Perez, 3rd place


Literary Criticism:

Allaina Capili, 9th place

Taylor Williams, 10th place



Garret Stanford, 3rd place

Tim Toledo, 6th place

2ND PLACE TEAM:  Garrett Stanford, Tim Toledo, Gavin House, Kier Monteverde


News Writing:

Caitlyn Rush, 1st place


Persuasive Speaking:

Joshua Starr, 3rd place


Poetry Interpretation:

Jacob Salazar, 2nd place

Stephanie Locke, 3rd place

Joe Vasquez, 5th place


Prose Interpretation:

Kaelee Eichorst, 2nd place

McKenna Rattan, 6th place


Spelling & Vocabulary:

Clara Baker, 5th place

3RD PLACE TEAM:  Clara Baker, Trisha Bolla, Christopher Jera bek, Kennedy McLeod