Congratulations to all the Frenship students on another great year at the Regional Science and Engineering Fair! Check out the list of awards and recognitions Frenship students brought back to their campus!
Paisley Evans – 1st place ribbon and medal; 2nd Place Trophy for 4th Grade Physical Science 
Grant Wright – Office of Naval Research for the US Navy and Marine Corps Naval Science Award 
Jackson Brower – 2nd place ribbon
Emma Roney – 2nd place ribbon and Multi-Messenger Physics and Astronomy Prize $250
Josiah Szcyubialka – 2nd place ribbon
Nolan Cooper – 2nd place ribbon
Lyla Courts – 2nd place ribbon
Averie Smith – 1st place ribbon
North Ridge: 
Evelyn Barney – 2nd place ribbon
Henry Mock – 2nd place ribbon
Henry East – 1st place ribbon
Lauren Unger – 2nd place ribbon
Oak Ridge: 
Owen Jack – 2nd place ribbon
Ellis Hudgens – 2nd place ribbon
Jakeson Hughes – 2nd place ribbon
Ryan Gray – 2nd place ribbon
Kale Langen & Marcus Bengoa 
Ethan Palmer & Matthew Foley – 2nd place ribbon
Yoonseon Cho – 1st place ribbon
Adelyn Shakespeare – 2nd place ribbon
Upland Heights:
Kate Nelson – 2nd place ribbon
Jayti Duffield – 2nd place ribbon
Jake Morris – 2nd place ribbon
Layne Zant – 2nd place ribbon
Kasyn Doss – 2nd place ribbon
Jentry Duffield – 1st place ribbon and medal
Alaina Casteel – 1st place ribbon and medal
Bennett Jenkins – 1st place ribbon, medal, special award – X-FAB Texas Excellence in Technology Research and Engineering
Kate Weber – 2nd place ribbon
Erica Franco – 2nd place ribbon 
Willow Bend: 
Copper Augesen – 1st place ribbon

Norah Boone – 2nd place ribbon
Aberella Menses  – 2nd place ribbon