The tournament started with the Sweet 16, with 16 different books that students could read and then vote to determine which books should advance to the next round. There was also an Elite Eight, Final Four, and championship round.

Several campuses included multiple grade levels to make the contest more interesting.

The winning books for each campus are listed below:

Bennett Elementary, Top 3 are listed

“I am a Tiger” by Karl Newsom

“Underwear!” by Jenn Harney

“The Panda Problem” by Deborah Underwood

Crestview Elementary

“Not Quite Snow White” by Ashley Franklin

Legacy Elementary, Top 2 are listed

“Can I Be Your Dog” by Troy Cummings (Pre-K/Kindergarten Bracket)

“The Rabbit Listened” by Cori Doerrfield (1st/2nd Grade Bracket)

North Ridge Elementary, Final Four are listed

“Fergal and the Bad Temper” by Robert Starling

“Underwear!” by Jenn Harney

“Dandy” by Ame Dyckman

“Cyril and Pat” by Emily Gravett

Oak Ridge Elementary

“Underwear!” by Jenn Harney

Upland Heights Elementary, Top 2 are listed

“Underwear!” by Jenn Harney

“Bear Came Along” by Richard T. Morris

Westwind Elementary

“I am a Tiger” by Karl Newsom (Pre-K/Kindergarten Bracket)

“Duck” by Meg McKinlay (1st/2nd Grade Bracket)

“Dad and the Dinosaur” by Gennifer Choldenko and Dan Santat (3rd-5th Grade Top 2)

“Haunted Playgrounds” by Rachel Rose (3rd-5th Grade Top 2)

Willow Bend Elementary, Final Four are listed

“Duck” by Meg McKinlay

“Underwear!” by Jenn Harney

“Dandy” by Ame Dyckman

“Fergal and the Bad Temper” by Robert Starling

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