The sweet smoky smell of barbeque filled the air of Lamesa the weekend of February 18, as Frenship Culinary competed in the Regional Texas High School BBQ Competition.

At the barbeque cook off, 20 teams from across the region prepared brisket, ribs, chicken, dessert, and beans for a group of judges.

The competition requires the students to prepare and cook the entrées entirely on their own. The student area is completely taped off, culinary advisors Michelle Gordon and Sydney Tipton had to sit on the side lines. The students could help each other and ask their advisors questions, but the advisors cannot touch any of the food. The students must turn in cooking times, so they must plan out how long each item will take to cook.

This year Frenship took two teams to competition:

Pit Bosses:

Brooklyn Fisher

Conner Christensen

Gavin Christensen

Annie “Kiki” Oyervidez

Emilia Santos

Madison Brown

Ava Jennings

Lauren Harlan

Gabriel Flores

Ethan Morales
The Frenship Culinary Teams qualified for the state competition and placed in Top 10 in the categories of Beans, Brisket, and Ribs.