Frenship Class of 2020 Donates to Fallen Tiger Memorial Scholarship, Class of 2021

Paige Robinette, a representative from the class of 2020, said because of COVID-19 her class missed out on prom and project graduation, so they decided to donate their extra funds to the Fallen Tiger Memorial Scholarship fund, the Frenship High School Class of 2021, and to Frenship High School Principal Greg Hernandez’s principal fund.

Fallen Tiger Memorial Scholarship Fund

The class of 2020 donated $1,000 to the Fallen Tiger Memorial Fund. This scholarship was established in 2016 to honor and remember fellow Tigers who are no longer with the Frenship family. The Frenship Foundation for Leadership awards $500 to one outstanding graduating senior each year. This scholarship is awarded based on the Character Scholarship applications that the foundation receives. This years scholarship recipient was Darby Lewis.

Jamie Mills, Frenship Foundation for Leadership President and Jake Mahan, Frenship Foundation for Leadership Vice President and Frenship Class of 2006 alumnus were there to accept the donation.

“This donation is from the class of 2020 to all the alumni and the foundation,” said Robinette, “to represent all the Tigers we have lost along the way.”

Mahan said that this scholarship has left a lasting impact on many Frenship students through the years.

“I just want to say what an encouraging act of generosity from these seniors to leave a little of their legacy for the current students,” said Mahan.

Class of 2021 and Principal Hernandez

The previous Frenship senior class also donated $5,000 to the current seniors and $1,000 to Principal Hernandez.

Robinette said because the Class of 2021 did not get to the opportunity to fund raise with prom last year, her senior class wants to make sure the current seniors have funds to use for their senior year activities.

“We decided since we have extra,” said Robinette, “we would like to give it to them [Class of 2021], so they can have the Project Grad we only wish we could’ve had.”

Principal Hernandez was given $1,000 to add to his principal fund. This fund benefits the needs of the school throughout the school year.

“As everyone knows, school was cancelled last year and things are changing this year because of it,” Robinette said. “So, because of that the Class of 2020 wants to give the school and Mr. Hernandez some extra money to do whatever he needs.”

Hernandez said that though he is upset that last years senior class did not get to have prom, finish spring sports or have a traditional graduation, he greatly appreciates the donation from a generous group of students.