Frenship 4-H donates to restoration of Pullman Railcar

On Saturday October 31st, the Frenship 4-H club and Cooper 4-H club donated $100 each towards the restoration and relocation of the Pullman Railcar to the Bayer museum.  Pam Brink, of the Lubbock Heritage Society and Loren Prather and Jane Henry representing the Underwood family, were there to accept the donations. The Louise Underwood family is donating the Railcar to the Bayer Agriculture Museum.


“Our group learned what the car represented back in the 50’s and 60’s.  It assisted in the transportation of agricultural businessman and local politicians.  It was also a very important part of many family vacations to the Underwood Family.”

“This was a great Citizenship and Promotional activity for our group and we look forward to watching car in its restoration and relocation process and the excitement it will bring to our community to see it in it’s glory again!”

Luke Stutzman
Reporter for Frenship 4-H Club
6th grader at Terra Vista Middle School