FMS Theatre Sweeps the Competition

FMS Theatre wasn’t letting anyone take the top prize away from them at this weekend’s Inaugural Shining Star Invitational Theatre Festival in Amarillo. The students definitely made a name for themselves in this competition. All of their hard work was easy to see by the theatre students taking home the sweepstakes. The sweepstakes means that the FMS Theatre received the most Division 1 rankings for their performances. Congratulations to all the students, staff, and parents for their hard work and dedication.

Below are the students who performed and their scores:

Dramatic Monologue

Nadia Washington 1 (Perfect Score)

Samantha Gang 1

Denise Peikert 2


Humorous Monologue

Allie Carson 1

Hallie Bushell 1

Abby Boyce 2

Dakota Lafuente 2


Fractured Fairy Tales (Improv)

Abby Boyce, Christian Meador, and Calob Andrade 1

Samantha Gang, Makenzie Stanley, Shawnee Rushing, and Justin Shipman 1


Duet Scenes

John Gschwend and Ty McGraw 1

Gage McCollum and Jacob Perry 1

Jodie Brown and Juanita Depaz 1

Dakota Lafuente and Nadia Washington 1

Makenzie Stanley and Shawnee Rushing 1

Lauren Brown and Jaryn Reed 2


Brown Bag Improv

Allie Carson, Christian Meador, and  Mackenzie Archer 1 (Perfect Score)

Samantha Gang, Hallie Bushell, and Makenzie Stanley 1

Shawnee Rushing, Jodie Brown, Denise Peikert 2

Abby Boyce, Nadia Washington, and Dakota Lafuente 2


Ensemble Scenes

Samantha Gang, Shawnee Rushing, and Makenzie Stanley 1 (Perfect Score)

Christian Meador, Allie Carson, and Mackenzie Stanley  1 (Perfect Score)

Meredith Ennis, Lauren Brown, and Jaryn Reed 2