Fifty Frenship Students Qualify for State Skills USA Contests

Congratulations to the 50 students representing four different Frenship High School Career Technical Education programs who qualified for state during the SkillsUSA District 3 competitions February 17-18 at South Plains College in Levelland.

Students brought home numerous gold, silver, and bronze medals in the areas of law enforcement, construction trades, automotive technology, and media production.

These qualifiers now advance to the State SkillsUSA competitions scheduled for April 6-9 at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi.

Below are the SkillsUSA state qualifiers from Frenship High School.

Construction Technology

Customer Service: 1st Place: Hunter Stallard

Extemporaneous Speaking: 1st Place: Elijah Gonzales

Architectural Drafting: 1st Place: Colton Lewis

Cabinetmaking: 2nd Place: Alex Mendoza

Construction Material Identification: 1st Place: Ethan Moseley/Jared Felan; 2nd Place: Hayden McCalib/Hunter Stallard; State Qualifiers: Annabree Kreger/Kaytlyn Morton and Elijah Gonzales/Nathan Caban

Construction Tool Identification: State Qualifiers: Annabree Kreger/Kaytlyn Morton

Skills USA Quiz Bowl: 3rd Place: Ethan Moseley/Jared Felan/Hunter Stallard/Annabree Kreger/Kaytlyn Morton/Nathan Caban

John Hoyle, Construction Technology Instructor

Law Enforcement

Quiz Bowl: 2nd Place: Rachel Romero/Alexis Garcia/Elnora Awatt/Emily Bayliss/Christian Meador

Customer Service: 2nd Place: Rachel Romero

Job Interview: 1st Place: Robert Smith ($500 Scholarship from South Plains College); 3rd Place: Priscilla Luna

Health Knowledge Quiz Bowl: 2nd Place: Elnora Awatt/Cristal Deleon/Osiris Carmona

Medical Terminology: 1st Place: Destiny Timms; 2nd Place: Elnora Awatt

First Aid/CPR: 1st Place: Destiny Timms

Criminal Justice Quiz Bowl: 1st Place: Rachel Romero/Robert Smith/Matthew Peer/Austin Harvey/Chase Casewell

Felony Traffic Stop: 1st Place: Kameron Ogle/Jacob Stone; 2nd Place: Christian Meador/Logan Martinez; 3rd Place: DJ Johnson/Cristal Deleon

Building Search: 1st Place: Matthew Peer/Austin Harvey/Louis Vasquez/Caleb Aguirre; 3rd Place: Robert Smith/DJ Johnson/Jacob Stone/Lexi Garcia

Crime Scene Investigation: 1st Place: Destiny Timms/Michael DeGraff/Cameron Sanzin; 2nd Place: Tyler McCrley, Christian Meador, Madison Castillo; 3rd Place: Nikki Cannon, Alexis Garcia, Ally Christian

Criminal Justice: 1st Place: Austin Harvey ($500 Scholarship); 2nd Place: Louis Vasquez; 3rd Place: Dylan Phelps

Javad Deshone, Law Enforcement Instructor

Automotive Technology

Automotive Quiz Bowl: 1st Place: Lance Lee/Jordan Hernandez/Jose Valles/Daniel Tellez/Dylan Willeby

Automotive Service: 1st Place: Jordan Hernandez; 2nd Place: Lance Lee

Marine Service: 2nd Place: Justin Shepard; 3rd Place: Daniel Tellez; 3rd Place: Jeremy Garcia

Aviation Service: 3rd Place: Dylan Willeby

Auto Service Notebook: 1st Place: Lance Lee/Jose Valles/Storey Muse

Automotive Cylinder Head: 1st Place: Justin Shepard/Zachary Williamson

Nick Comey, Auto Tech Instructor


Digital Cinema Production: 1st Place: Aileen Martinez/Robert Mousavi

Television Production: 2nd Place: Hannah Franklin/Liyah Moreno

Keli Christy, Media Instructor