FHS CNA Students Prepare for Certification

IMG_0370The Certified Nursing Assistant students at FHS are doing an interesting fall project to help them and their classmates prepare for the spring CNA exam.

The CNA certification test consists of 22 skills that a student must demonstrate in sequential order. If they do not complete each skill in the exact order they do not receive credit for that skill, regardless if the overall concept was done correctly. So the CNA students are using technology to help themselves remember the order.

Each student is creating an instructional video for each skill using video, text and pictures demonstrating each step in the correct order. At the end of the semester each student will have created a movie on all 22 skills but they’ll also have their classmates videos to use as study material as well!

Mrs. Karen Moore’s students and the entire HST department do the most incredible projects and lessons throughout the school year. Two years ago FHS had 100% pass rate on the certification test. This is a huge feat considering that the state average was only around 36% passing. We will be sure to follow the students progress and include an updated story to detail the pass rate of this years class.