FHS Choir Students Study Abroad Thanks to Skype Technology

DSC_0366Choir students at Frenship High School got a very unique lesson in Ms. Bradford’s classroom on Wednesday, May 6. The students in class were learning a new song, in a different language via Skype! The class video conferenced with Arminian foreign exchange student Mari, who spent time learning at FHS last year. The class began with catch-up conversations between Mari and her former classmates. Just like her fellow seniors, Mari is counting down the days until her June graduation back in Armenia.

After the banter subsided Mari began translating the song Andzrevn Ekav, which means Rain Comes, to the students in Arminian, Russian and then English. It was a very unique experience learning experience for the students. The FHS class was vigorously taking notes over translation and pronunciation on their music. Ms. Bradford’s choir class will continue to learn and practice the song to perform later this month.