FE (Iron) Tigers Have Great Showing at Regional Robotics Competition

Competition-1Congratulations to the Frenship Fe (Iron) Tigers FIRST Robotics Competition Team 5866 who competed well in the Brazos Valley Regional Competition last weekend at University High School in Waco.

The team beat out the second seat alliance and continued to advance all the way to the last match of the semifinals. Their run came to an end when they were outmatched by the third seat alliance after a tided match and a double elimination match.

“These guys competed top notch in all areas of the robotics competition and worked as a team to make it all happen,” said FHS Science and Engineering teacher and team sponsor James Holloway. “They continuously fought and knocked out several veteran teams with their strongly designed robot. Their growth and advancement as a second year team is outstanding!”

In a FIRST Robotics Competition, teams have to work together in alliances to make their robots perform and succeed in certain tasks, including maneuvering gears, picking up and shooting wiffle balls into a goal, climbing a rope and more.

Competition-5The Fe (Iron) Tigers are a part of the Frenship Engineering program. The team consists of 25 students who each play a certain role to help the team be successful, including a president, vice president, secretary, construction manager, shop manager, programmers and more.