Each year Bennett Elementary third graders put on a living wax museum showcase. Each student chooses a historical figure who has influenced or impacted the world in some way to assume the identity of for the museum.

The students prepare for their selection by researching influential people and reading about the many amazing and diverse people who have impacted today’s world. Once the students have learned how to research and found their historical figure, they began a rough draft and outline of the speech they will recite for the museum.

This project expands over three weeks and includes various important lessons and activities such as brainstorming, drafting, editing/revising, peer edit/reviewing, and designing/developing a short essay.

On the morning up the museum, the students dressed up as their historical figures and took their places throughout the third grade classrooms. Parents and family members wandered through the museum as the students performed their monologues.

Tina Sowder, a third-grade teacher at Bennett, stated that the students worked so hard to research their figures and were very proud of their museum.

“The students loved getting to know their influential person and being able to share it was so exciting for them!”