Elections Office Seeking Student Participants

The Lubbock County Elections Office is currently needing students to participate in the upcoming 2020 Elections.  This program is ideal for the student who displays a strong work ethic and a desire to learn about the electoral process.  Attached to this email is a flyer and an application that can be freely distributed.

To be eligible, a student must be:

1)      Enrolled in a high school, or

2)      At least sixteen (16) year of age.

All students must complete the Student Election Program application.


  • Must attend a training class required by the Lubbock County Elections Office.
  • Serve at a polling place as assigned the Lubbock County Elections Office.
  • Arrive on time and remain at the polling place during their assigned shift.
  • Maintain impartiality while serving, not discussing politics candidates or issues.
  • Adhere to the dress and cell phone policies.


Each student will receive a formal letter confirming their Election Day assignment after training is complete.  No guarantees will be made that the student will serve in their home precinct. The student will be assigned to a polling place to assist the Election Officers on Election Day and will serve at 5:45am to 8:00pm shift.
Mandatory Training

A training class will be mandatory and assigned to the students choosing.  The training will cover Election Day procedures, voting machines, and all the necessary forms required.

Students are required to attend a training class.

To schedule training class, please contact:

Kristen Phelps

Office Manager, Lubbock County Elections



In recognition of service provided, each student will be sent a “Certificate of Completion” of the Student Election Program.  School coordinators will be provided a list of participants who attended training, served on Election Day, and completed the program.

Please click this link to download the Application – Student Election Program