Frenship continues to offer student-led facility tours to parents, business owners, and community supporters. This program started in 2018 with the purpose of strengthening the connection between our schools and the community.

These tours offer insight into the various programs and activities within the school district that community supporters and parents can get involved with. The students and staff get to speak directly with the community partners and showcase their accomplishments. Throughout the tour, the community gets to see the depth of their partnerships and explore new ways to get involved.

Following a facility tour, Citibank sent a financial literacy speaker to speak with several of our students. Additionally, several of our visitors this year have been interested in the Medical Technology programs available at Frenship.

“Even the longest-standing Frenship supporters end up surprised at the incredible things Frenship students experience each day,” said Patrick. “We’re all apt to assume that school continues to look like what we experienced, but in reality, Frenship students are working with cutting-edge technology and accomplishing incredible things as they prepare for their careers.”

Anyone is welcome to be a part of a tour of Frenship facilities and can request one at any time by contacting Keith Patrick at or 806-239-6628. Patrick also manages Frenship’s Community Partners Program, and anyone interested in partnering with Frenship ISD individually or as a business can contact him for more information.