Bennett Elementary Partners with Braum’s Book Buddy Program to Encourage Reading

Dana Cooley, Media Specialist at Bennett, said she read about the Braum’s Book Buddy program on their website this past summer.

“I found out we couldn’t sign up until the first of August, so I set a reminder and signed Bennett up at 8:00 that morning,” Cooley said.

Cooley said that the Braum’s website explained that the Book Buddy program was set to begin in October. She said she received an email that the supplies for the program were ready to go and waiting next door.

“I walked over and picked them up this past Monday,” Cooley said. “Teachers are excited to have an incentive to offer students.”

The Braum’s Book Buddy program was designed for students in first grade through fifth grade and begins in October. The program is set up so that each child can earn up to six Braum’s ice cream treats each school year, just by reading. Teachers will pass out the Book Buddy booklets to students, monitor their book reading by placing a sticker in the booklet, and when the student has read six books, they receive the coupon reward for a free treat.

Cooley said that teachers are always looking for ways to encourage students to read, and this partnership is something that will be invaluable to Bennett teachers and students.

Teachers are set to roll the program out to students soon. Colley said that a few students have already planned out their reading schedules around their Braum’s treats.

“Teachers can’t always pay for fun incentives, so when a community partner steps up to provide that reward it helps,” Cooley said. “Most kids like ice cream! Braum’s is bringing a fun, yummy, ‘pat on the back’ for practicing this life-long skill.”