Art Students at All Three Frenship Middle Schools Place in Scholastic Art Competition

The competition began during the fall semester when each middle school submit their art entries. Last month close to 5,000 entries from across the South Plains region were judged and only 300 of those entries were awarded.

There are three levels of awards: gold key, silver key, and honorable mention, with 100 entries awarded for each level.

Terra Vista Middle School:

Isabella Flores Gold Key,The Nightmare

Emma Pierce 3 Silver Keys, The Eye, The Fall, Leaves

Isabelle Flores Silver Key, Cow Skull

Emma Pierce Honorable Mention, Spring

Noah Quintero Honorable Mention, Topography

Hailey Ramirez Honorable Mention, Hurricane

Zack Scott Honorable Mention, Squirrels for Girls

Elijah Moore Honorable Mention, Peace

Kaleb Garrett Honorable Mention, Purple World

Bridgett Fisher Honorable Mention, Lava

Art Teacher: Jana Garrison


Frenship Middle School:

Addyson Buescher Gold Key

Skylar Masri Silver Key

Sandra Dawkins Honorable Mention

Brayen Sizemore Honorable Mention

Kennedy Flynn Honorable Mention

Jackson Hill Honorable Mention

Brady Enns Honorable Mention

Lexi Brielle Sturdivant Honorable Mention

Kallie Wiles Honorable Mention

Isabella Verstegui Honorable Mention

Yanet Nunez Honorable Mention

Brooklyn James Honorable Mention

Abigail Cutshall Honorable Mention

Art Teacher: Thomas Messerschmidt


Heritage Middle School:

Ashley Greene Gold Key

Jolie Nguyen Gold Key

Kali Perez Gold Key

Caitlyn Ward Gold Key

Gordon Cockshutt Silver Key, Self Portrait

Jazmine Gomez Silver Key, Above Water

Evelyn Juarez Silver Key,Pure Butterfly

Sarah Locke Silver Key, Terrific Tiger

Aubree Phillips Silver Key,Inc. Octopus

Hannah Tarr Silver Key, The Two Giraffes

Caitlyn Ward Silver Key, The Sour Patch Kids

Colton Watts Silver Key, Throw Shade

Jaedyn Bailey Honorable Mention, Pua

Addie Barbre Honorable Mention, Juane Tigresse

Cameron Chapa Honorable Mention, Swift

Ethan Contreras Honorable Meniton, Lazy Tiger

Jazmine Gome 3 Honorable Mention, Mirrors, Split, Self Portrait

Kaiden Harris Honorable Mention, Dia de los Muertos

Emerson Head Honorable Mention, Cub in the Fields of Africa

Carter King Honorable Mention, Da Tiger

Sarah Locke Honorable Mention, Butterfly Bliss, Toy Dragon

Abrielle Love Honorable Mention, Polka Dot Lizard

Zeta McDannels 3 Honorable Mention, Sugar Skull, The After Life, Self Portrait

Crosby Miller Honorable Mention, Grasshopper Meadows

Brayden Ochoa Honorable Mention, Colorful Raccoon

Carissa Todd Honorable Mention, Los Muertos

Hollis Wilson Honorable Mention, Bad News Bear

Art Teacher: Lori Gonzales


To view a photo gallery of the students work, click here.