Aramark Growth Aligns with District Growth

Joyce Trevino, Director of Frenship Child Nutrition for Aramark, added an Assistant Director, Marketing and Communication Specialist, and Chef Manager to her management team to start the new school year.

Trevino said that new Assistant Director John Gast is her “right-hand man.” She said he assists with human resources, labor planning in the schools, and generally gives her relief from her workload.

“I am the communicator to the District, and he [Gast] takes care of all those things so I can be out communicating and checking in at our campuses,” Trevino said. “He is the one who puts in schedules and monitors labor, he does all our interviewing – we just work in correlation together.”

Gast said as the Assistant Director he is always ready to help wherever he is needed. He said he does a lot alongside Trevino dealing with finances, labor and hiring, and ensures the individual staffs at each school are  trained and prepared.

“I am in charge of all safety,” Gast said. “We do safety huddles every morning at every location and I send out a safety brief once per week.” Gast explained that these briefs outline physical safety for employees but also with COVID-19 related guidance, to keep staff and students safe and healthy.

Trevino also welcomed Avery Agnew as the District’s Marketing and Communications Specialist for Aramark. She said that her goal for Agnew’s role is to grow their social media presence, their Frenship web presence, and keep marketing consistent within all the schools, in an effort to connect with Frenship families.

“We want to show case great pictures of our food that many parents don’t get to see,” Trevino said. “We just want to show them that aspect. She [Agnew] will also do all the marketing in our schools to make sure our Ace [Aramark’s Elementary Cafeteria mascot] is up to date, our FUEL program, and will basically oversee all of those programs that Aramark has.”

Agnew said she is excited to focus her marketing role to help engage with parents and students.

“With our upcoming social media pages, we want to be that communications resource for parents and students,” said Agnew. “We want them to be able to access our pages and see what we have on our menu for that day and the new promotions that we are doing.”

Trevino said that Aramark also brought on Jillian Woodard as the District’s new Chef Manager. She said that Woodard will be out in the schools enforcing chef training and skills, while assisting in the continued effort to keep meals nutritious and meeting or exceeding the latest federal and state requirements. Trevino said that Woodard is also training school staffs to adhere to the latest health guidance surrounding COVID-19.

“Jillian will be out in our schools, training our cooks and employees on knife skills, proper portioning, and how to make food look and taste better,” Trevino said.

Woodard said she will be tackling education and training for staffs by using her professional restaurant background. She said she will work closely with Agnew to make sure what is presented to parents is what students will receive.

“We want to make sure the parents know that we are genuinely serving what we are putting out on our website and social media,” Woodard said. “We will be training our staff by raising their skill level, which will give us the opportunity to present the best product and offer different things as well.”

Trevino said that her team’s passion for feeding students is what drives them every day.

“We do it because we love feeding students,” Trevino said. “It’s just what we do.”

Aramark is still looking for staff members in Frenship schools. For more information about job openings please visit the Frenship Food Services page or contact Aramark at 806-866-9389.