Student Council at the High School started a tradition about four years ago called Kindness Week. Throughout the year, there are four weeks when Student Council encourages everyone at school to focus on kindness. Each week has a theme, and each week comes with kindness activities that the students have prepared.  This year, the first Kindness Week was from September 19 – September 23 and was called “A Week of Color.” Each day had a fun monochromatic color theme.

The themes for the week were:

Monday: Wear blue because we’ve got you!

Tuesday: Smile bright and wear white!

Wednesday: You can sit with us, wear pink!

Thursday: Don’t be mean, wear green!

Friday: Wear orange because orange you glad it is Friday!?

In addition to the themed color days, there were also daily kindness challenges. Monday, students were challenged to compliment as many people as possible in the hallway. Tuesday students were asked to tell any staff ‘thank you’ to show appreciation for their hard work. On Wednesday, the challenge was to text an encouraging message to others. Thursday’s challenge was to do a good deed for someone else. On the last day of the week, students were encouraged to practice self-kindness by doing something that makes them happy.

The challenges weren’t just for students – teachers were challenged to tell every class one thing they appreciate them. Student Council also showed kindness to the secretaries on Friday by bringing them their favorite Sonic drinks.

Courtney Ferguson, the Frenship High School student council sponsor, shared that she hopes that weeks like this give everyone the opportunity to practice kindness.

“What I’m hoping is happening is that people start to understand that kindness isn’t always easy, kindness has to be intentional. It’s easy to be kind when you’re having a great day, but we want students to choose kindness even when things are difficult,” said Ferguson.

The Student Council will also host a “Week of Thanks” the week before Thanksgiving, a “Week of Love” the week of Valentine’s Day, and “A Week of Self Kindness” during testing in May.