North Ridge Elementary Successfully Implements New Reading Strategies

Students are invigorated by new reading programs at North Ridge.

Students have embraced new methods for choosing and reading books.

North Ridge has transitioned away from the  “quiz level” method of reading books that has been popularized through Accelerated Reader. While students are still encouraged to take quizzes on the books they read, they now use the “I PICK” model for choosing literature:

l- Look at a book
P- Purpose
I- Interest
C- Comprehend
K- Know All the Words

In addition to empowering students to choose books based in interest instead of quiz level, teachers are implementing the use of the “Daily 5”. The Daily 5 are methods of reading include Reading to Yourself, Listening to Reading, Work on Writing, Word Work, and Read to Someone.

Library and Media Specialist Bridgette Turner has noted a positive shift in the culture of reading at North Ridge.

“The Library has now become a hub for every student each week. Students are taking books out of the library more than ever before,” explained Turner.