The Superintendent’s Student Advisory Board is a group of students that represent each class at Frenship High School and the freshman class at the FHS Ninth Grade Center.

The group meets every six-weeks to discuss things happening around the District, complete community service projects, and they often give Community Tours of Frenship High School and the FHS Ninth Grade Center.

This year will be the fourth year that the group has created blankets to donate. A few years ago, they partnered with the UMC Cancer Center and they plan to continue that partnership this year. 

Frenship Superintendent Dr. Michelle McCord said she is deeply grateful for this group of students who are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the community is taken care of.

“It is encouraging to watch these thoughtful leaders model the Frenship Way,” Dr. McCord said. “I think being on the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Board prepares these individuals to become responsible and engaged students, and I also think it gives them the confidence to realize that they can make a difference.”

Dr. McCord said she has a soft spot for this project because she can see the way it ignites the joy and love in her advisory board members hearts.

“I look forward to and thoroughly enjoy meeting with the Student Advisory Board every six weeks, especially to do community service projects like this one,” McCord said. “It is one of my favorite things to do as Superintendent.”