Frenship Middle School Teacher Advances as 2021 Texas Secondary Teacher of the Year Finalist

Cisneros was surprised with the news of her finalist status, surrounded by her fellow teachers and several students. She said she had no idea this would happen today, and that she is grateful to be chosen.

“I know one hundred percent that there are amazing teachers out there who never get this kind of recognition,” Cisneros said, “so to be receiving it is just mind blowing.”

Cisneros will be competing against two other Secondary level educators to claim the title of Texas Secondary Teacher of the Year. The award is facilitated by the Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA). Judges will virtually conduct a forty-minute interview with Cisneros on September 12 and will announce the winner on September 30 during a live virtual awards ceremony.

Cisneros said going into the interview process, she will simply remember who she is as a teacher. She said ultimately, she just wants her students to grow into successful individuals and that will remain her focus.

“Every kid can learn and every kid is gifted with that privilege to come to school and to be served by teachers who will fall in love with them, who care about them, and who want them to succeed,” Cisneros said. “I want to hear about them growing into successful adults and accomplishing the things they talked about in middle school.”

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