Wolfforth Fire and EMS Teaches Life Safety – Virtually

Wolfforth Fire and EMS continued their educational programs on fire safety, life safety and proper hand washing techniques for area Day Care Centers amid the changing guidelines due to Covid-19. These programs are typically done in person, but with the current guidelines for social distancing in place, new technology was used so that these important messages could still be shared with area kids. Wolfforth Fire and EMS Department Firefighter/Paramedic Eric Molina and Firefighter Brady Robinette used Zoom video/audio conferencing technology and hosted the kids virtually.

Kids were able to interact with the firefighters and ask questions as well as demonstrate their understanding of the skills taught. Lessons included when and how to use 911, the danger of playing with matches and lighters as well as cooking dangers. Kids were shown how to “Stop, Drop and Roll” and the importance of crawling low under smoke. Having working smoke detectors in the home saves lives and Firefighters demonstrated how smoke detectors sound and talked about making sure your home smoke detectors have good working batteries and are tested regularly. And important message to all families was shared and that is to “get out and stay out” if your home is on fire. Have a pre-arranged meeting place for your family in case you must leave your home.

Firefighter Molina also showed the kids the proper technique for washing hands. Hand Washing is extremely important in the fight to not share germs. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a great video that you can share with your children and family at home.

Firefighter Robinette shared these words, “I thought it was great experience. This is the first time Wolfforth Fire and EMS has had the opportunity to teach kids remotely. Since we were unable to be with them in person, this was the next best thing. It allowed us to continue to share our important life-saving messages and interact with these kids. We are thankful for the technology that allowed us to be with them today.”