Willow Bend 4th Graders Integrate Math and Technology

Students are expanding their knowledge in multiple subjects through the use of in iPad app in math class.

Class tends to look different than most would imagine in Paula James’s 4th grade math class. Instead of pens and paper, many classes begin with an iPad in hand.

While the students still use traditional methods of learning math, they are also bringing modern technology into the mix.

Students have become very familiar with an app called Flipgrid. The app touts “a flipped classroom approach to using video for igniting student discussion and engagement”.

Students create vlog style videos discussing what they’ve learned in math class, concepts they’re struggling with, or questions that they have about the previous day’s lesson. Other students can watch the video and respond in a comment section.

“I chose to use Flipgrid in my classroom because it gives the students a new way to discuss math, which is hard to come by. It also gives them an opportunity to use technology, develop communication skills, and have a more interactive experience,” explains James.

James’s students also see the benefits of using technology in their lessons.

“Flipgrid is actually really fun to use and it helps me discuss our math questions with my friends in a different way. Sometimes they can explain things in a way that helps me understand what we’re learning in class, and I think that’s really cool!” said 5th grader Joel Alvarado.

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