Willow Bend 5th Graders Bring History to Life Willow Bend 5th Graders Bring History to Life

On the eve of December 7, “a date that will live in infamy” according to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 5th grade dual-language class at Willow Bend Elementary School prepared to educate others about the people and events of World War II.

Students were tasked with researching and writing about prominent people who played a part in WW II. After compiling their findings, students created standing display boards to present their information. Students and their families created hand-made costumes so that presenters would look like the historical figures they had learned so much about.

The day before the Attack on Pearl Harbor anniversary, students had the opportunity to educate their peers, staff and guests about WW II- in two languages! Students presented their projects in both English and Spanish to ensure that as many people as possible could learn about the events of the Second World War.

“One of the biggest challenges of this project was making a personal connection to the people of World War II,” explained 5th grade dual-language teacher Robert Nuñez. “By dressing up and putting themselves in their character’s shoes, it really helped forge that connection.”

“Its great to see these students learning about history and also making sure that other generations don’t forget this part of our past,” said Nuñez.

See photos of the students and their projects below!

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