Westwind Hosts Cowboy Family Camp Readout

By Angela Howard, Westwind Elementary

Last night was an amazing night with parents and students at Westwind Elementary’s Cowboy Family Camp Readout.

Upon arrival, families were greeted with some friendly cowfolk (teachers) and guided to the mini-chuckwagon (trail mix station) where they enjoyed creating their own s’more trail mix to take on a hike. They hiked toward a campsite, where tents were set up all around the gym and camped with a small group. Inside the tents, young and old listened to cowfolk read them stories.

After visiting a few campsites and hearing several stories, they moseyed over to the campfire, ate some snacks and were corralled into two different sections. The old were invited to attend one of two classes. One class was on interpreting the STAAR information and helping their young’uns. The other class was a parenting class on learning how to give the young’uns choices in order to let the young’uns have some control so that they will become responsible for their own actions.

When the lesson was over, each old one received their own free copy of a parenting book Tickets to Success. They were then shown the new parent section in the library which is filled with parenting books for them to check out, which several did after the program. While the old were in classes, the young’uns were building log cabins with Lincoln Logs.

When everyone was finished, they were able to stop by a table with the Goedeke Public Librarian who let them sign up for a public library card and gave information about summer programs for the young’uns.

Check out photos from the fun night in the gallery below!