Westwind Elementary Hosts Western Day

By Angela Howard

Out in the old Wild West at Westwind Elementary, things were a happenin’ all over the place. Western Day made its mark in history.

First, there was a style show with an old cowboy and a pioneer woman teachin’ about tools used back in the 17-1800s. That old washin’ machine (scrub board) didn’ even have electricity! Did you know the apron was made from an old mattress and was used to carry things like eggs and such? After seein’ and learnin’ about that, everyone went outside. Lo and behold, there was three horses! One even had a lady rider on it. (Wait, was that the 4th Grade teacher, Mrs. Gilmore?) Mrs. Gilmore and her husband along with 3rd Grade teacher, Mrs. Davis, and her husband taught about how to handle, ride, and take care of horses. Mr. Davis showed how to rope a calf by roping Mrs. Davis. Now that was a sight to see! When finished there, everyone moved inside to the library to hear a 13 year old fiddle player with a guitar accompanist. Wow, could she play! Hearing music got people in the mood for dancing. Outside with our 2nd Grade teacher, Mrs. Williams, students learned how to line dance. Later, students were also able to go to the music room to learn about the Lone Ranger and the William Tell Overture. All that occurred before lunch!

After lunch, some Indians showed up! Comanche Indians had set up their real tee-pee outside. Dressed in authentic clothing, they taught students about each piece of their clothing, how they made it and why they carried certain things. They also taught incredibly fascinating facts about their tee-pee and let people look around inside. Were you aware that the tee-pee has it’s own special ventilation system inside and that they aren’t truly cone shaped?

To top off the day, a 9 year old girl and her dad, Brice Champman, arrived riding on a horse that was standing on a wooden wagon that was being pulled by two horses! Mr. Chapman and his daughter performed many roping tricks and horse tricks. Mr. Chapman did several tricks while standing on the saddle on top of the horse. Those horses sure were well trained.

Leading up to Western Day, multiple competitions were heating up. There was a contest for essays, poetry, photography, corn hole games, and coloring. Here is a list of winners of each of the competitions:

Western Photography

1. Broc Manney
2. Matthew Barraza
3. Preslee Young

Western Coloring

1. Aaliyah Langston

1. Cru Carthel
2. Joleyn Nava

First Grade
1. Ruby Granlund
2. Zaccheaus Knott

Second Grade
1. Graham Fisher
2. Julianne Estrada

Third Grade
1. Kymbrie Cervantes
2. Marleigh Cobb

Western Essay

Fourth Grade
1. Kenly Hindman
2. Lishan Prado
3. Kielah Reid

Third Grade
1. Zoey Orta
2. Kami Johnson

Western Poetry

1. Aidan Wardlaw
2. Darselle Brooks

Corn Hole Competition

1. Laila Cooke and Veronica DeLeon

We look forward to the Wild West returning to Westwind next year.

Below is a gallery of photos from the day!