Westwind Brings Engineering to Elementary

While there are many options for after school activities, not many of them include designing impact-resistant helmets. However, that is exactly the type of activities students at Westwind Elementary have spent their Thursday afternoons have been participating in.

Westwind was chosen to be one of three pilot schools for the Texas Tech Whitacre College of Engineering Junior Engineers Program. Each week, students have gathered after school to learn about the extensive possibilities that are available through various aspects of engineering.

On Thursday, students had the opportunity to showcase what they have been learning to their parents and siblings. Students presented robots that can be coded to recognize color, prototypes for collecting moon rocks, and more.

“When I first came to this club I wasn’t even really sure what engineering was,” said 5th grader Emily Baeza.

“Now I want to be an engineer when I grow up!” she explained.

This is exactly what the program is hoping to achieve.

“This program is designed to introduce students to the various areas of endorsement within engineering and technology,” explained TTU STEM Outreach Program Manager Delila Holder.

“We want to show them the possibilities that are out there. You can’t dream about the future if you don’t know what it looks like.”