Upland Heights Third Grade Science is Out of this World Upland Heights Third Grade Science is Out of this World

Learning about science took off like a rocket today when third grade students at Upland Heights had a special visit from Pam Stelly with NASA. Stelly was in town from Houston visiting her daughter who is a student teacher at UH. She took time to stop by the school and educate Mrs. Molina’s students about her career at NASA.

Students were fascinated to hear that Stelly, who started with NASA in 1982, has helped make spacesuits and now builds and maintains software.

“I work on the power system for the space stations. They collect their own energy from the sun, so it’s my job to make sure they always have power,” Stelly explained.

Stelly brought several NASA souvenirs she’s been given or collected over the years, including official badges, old newspapers, medals and more. She gave each student in the class their own NASA badge to take home. Photos from her visit are below.

Thank you, Ms. Stelly, for your time and sharing your experience!

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