Upland Heights Math Classroom Goes Under Construction Upland Heights Math Classroom Goes Under Construction

Upland Heights Elementary fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Flores, makes sure to incorporate a real world application into every lesson she teaches to make learning fun and engaging for her students. After finishing up a lesson on area and perimeter, Mrs. Flores decided to turn her classroom into a construction site to show her students where the formulas they learned can be applied every day.

After receiving their work orders, students got to work in their assigned construction area. With their hard hats, yellow vests and protection glasses on, the students got to building. With examples like a new building going up at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, a new pool being built by the City of Lubbock, students were able to determine the area and perimeter of projects going on in their community.

The fourth graders participated in different stations that focused on a range of skills previously learned in their lessons.
Station 1: Sorting Scenarios
Station 2: Creating Blueprints-solving area and perimeter word problems
Station 3: Using math references to solve area and perimeter questions by measuring
Station 4: Working on work orders to solve problems

“The children were so engaged and loved every minute of the stations,” Mrs. Flores said. “They loved putting on hard hats, vests and glasses too!”

Mrs. Flores said the students were so excited during this project, that some even asked if they could complete real projects for the city. “Maybe one day one of my children will be the one to really construct one of these from the activity,” she said.

This was the second big room transformation that Mrs. Flores has done. After a decimals unit, she transformed her classroom into Dion’s restaurant. The students ordered off of the Dion’s menu, while their partner took their order, added up their total and gave them their change.

“Applying what is in their world to our units, allows them to have fun while realizing the value of what they’re learning,” Mrs. Flores said.

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