Upland Heights Hosts Community Guests at Electives Day

Upland Heights Elementary hosted Electives Day last Friday where several community members came out to their school to demonstrate careers to students.

From EMS staff and a Secret Service agent to a baseball coach and a biologist, students were wowed by the real-life presentations from the professionals and career choices they were able to explore.

“Students got to choose where they went throughout the day,” said Vickie Benson, media specialist. “They had a list of the various stations and career choices and just like real life, they chose the elective they wanted to go to. The day was designed to show the students what their options are when they complete high school.”

Electives Day was made possible by the many community volunteers who came to the school. Students walked away from the day with a better understanding of what their career options may be and gained valuable insight and experience by their interaction with the professionals. Below are a few photos from the day.