Upland Heights Has Ties That Bind Students Upland Heights Has Ties That Bind Students

Fifth grade Student Council members at Upland Heights Elementary chose a service project that benefits younger students at their school. They are hosting shoe tying clinics that teach the younger kids how to tie their shoes.

“The students were brainstorming ideas for a service project and they all agreed, ‘why don’t we start with a need in our school and then go into the community?'” said Tiffany Cortez, Student Council sponsor and teacher at Upland Heights.

The first five shoe tying clinics were held today in pre-k through second grade classrooms.

“We wanted to do something useful and something that would be fun for them and for us,” said Bliss Dane, Student Council Secretary and fifth grader at Upland Heights.

The clinics start with the presentation of a “How to Tie Your Shoelaces” video that the Student Council members produced, which has a song to help remember the shoe tying steps. Then the students work one-on-one with the younger kids as they practice on shoe cut-outs with yarn.

There is currently a waiting list to have the students host clinics in other classrooms. Student Council members plan to continue to host clinics throughout the spring.

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