Upland Heights Gains New Leader through “Principal for a Day”

Principalship runs in the family at one FISD elementary school.

Upon walking into Upland Heights Elementary on Thursday and asking for Principal Stewart, the front office staff promptly asked “which one?”

Earlier this year, Upland Heights hosted a silent auction fundraiser that included the opportunity for one student to be named “Principal for a Day”. Unbeknownst to Principal Denise Stewart, the winning bid was placed on behalf of her daughter, Addison Stewart.

Addison Stewart spent her day overseeing lunch duty, patrolling the hallways, and finding a way to give back to “her staff” of teachers by distributing jeans passes.

“I’m so glad that Addison gets to do this today. She’s always here with me after hours, and now she actually gets to be a part of the fun stuff!” said Principal Denise Stewart.

Addison was excited for the fun part of the job, but did come to one very important conclusion.

“I never realized how hard my mom works!” said Addison.