Tiger Powerlifters Take Gold in Dimmitt

The Frenship powerlifting team found continued success in last weekend’s meet.

The Tigers boys rounded up a first place team finish during their second meet of the season. Individually, FHS sealed five gold medals: Anthony Lara in the 114-lb weight class, Julian Rios in the 198-lb weight class, Isaiah Williams in the 220-lb weight class, Braeden Robinson in the 242-lb weight class, and Jeremiah Cope in the Super Heavyweight Class..

The FHS girls team also put forth an excellent effort, earning four individual places.

See the list below for total lift results.


114-lb Weight Class
1st Place: Anthony Lara, 860

148-lb Weight Class
8th Place: Case Dickey, 790

181-lb Weight Class
2nd Place: Tobi Banire, 1095
3rd Place: Jacob Eugenis, 1075

198-lb Weight Class
1st Place: Julian Rios, 1100
4th Place: Julian Flores, 1000

220-lb Weight Class
1st Place: Isaiah Williams, 1375
2nd Place: Lorenzo Coy-Galindo, 1210

242-lb Weight Class
1st Place: Braeden Robinson, 1350
2nd Place: Matt Ramirez, 1055

275-lb Weight Class
2nd Place: Zach Morgan, 1190
3rd Place: Jaime Lopez, 1075

Super Heavyweight Class
1st Place: Jeremiah Cope, 1470


97-lb Weight Class
4th Place: Laiken Turner, 255

123-lb Weight Class
4th Place: Bethany Broussard, 520

132-lb Weight Class
4th Place: Brittany Carson, 425

148-lb Weight Class
8th Place: Bailey Hair, 340