Tiger Band Wins Grand Champion at West Texas Auxiliary Championships

Congrats to the very hard working Frenship Tiger band for winning the Grand Championship at the annual West Texas Auxiliary Championships held Saturday at Coronado High School in Lubbock. This marks the nineteenth time that the Tiger Band has been the Grand Champion of this event.

The auxiliary units of the band include twirlers, guard members, drum majors and the drum line. Each group competed for line awards as well as individual honors for solos and ensembles. Each event added points which eventually add up to total points to determine the Grand Champion.

Frenship captured 15 different awards on their way to the overall championship. Those award winners included:

  • Outstanding Large School Drum Line
  • Outstanding Large School Twirlers
  • Outstanding Large School JV Twirlers
  • Outstanding Large School Color Guard
  • Outstanding Drum Major Ensemble: Taylor Galan, Sharlais Malicoat, Riley Barkowski and Monica Saso
  • Outstanding Drum Major: Taylor Galan
  • Outstanding High School Twirler: Lori Price
  • Outstanding High School Percussion Ensemble: Evan Luna and Justin Kennon
  • Outstanding Flag Solo: Abigail Hinojosa
  • First Division Twirlers: Ashley Rodriguez, Lori Price, Holly Glasgow, Seree Sturdivant, Kaley Wood, CC Diaz, Shalyn Franklin
  • First Division Flags Solos: Kyra Stevens, Ashlinn Peters, Amanda Escandon, Abigail Hinojosa,, Baylee Lopez
  • First Division Flag Ensemble: Sidney Harmon and Kyra Stevens
  • First Division Percussion Solos and Ensembles: Lynzie Gray, Evan Luna, Justin Kennon, Shawn Greenlee
  • First Division Drum Major Solos: Taylor Galan, Sharlais Malicoat, Riley Barkowski, Monica Saso, Garrett Franks
  • First Division Drum Major Ensemble: Monica Saso, Sharlais Malicoat, Taylor Galan, Riley Barkowski

“They are such great competitors and continue to win with class, said Scott Carter, Associate Director of Bands at FHS. “What a tribute to our great staff. You guys are amazing!”