STAAR Wars: Oak Ridge Jedi Training


Fourth grade writing students at Oak Ridge Elementary are preparing for the STAAR test by competing in what they call STAAR Wars.

Students in Melinda Futrell’s class draw for teams – Team Chewbacca, Team Leia, Team Skywalker, Team Vader, Team Yoda and Team BB8 – and use coordinated skills to play everyday games. The activities require that they work together to figure out answers or complete a task.

“I’ve learned that the more they communicate, the higher level they take their learning,” said Futrell.

Each student earns points for their team, which are tallied each day and posted on the wall outside the classroom for all to see. This friendly competition motivates students to prepare for the exam and students will earn prizes at the end. It’s an active and exciting way for students to practice for the exam, which will take place in April.