A Special Day for Lettering Students

It was all smiles and high fives when the Frenship HS Special Olympians received their personalized letter jackets today. One by one, students were called up in front of peers and their families to receive the jackets. They were congratulated by a large group of spectators at a ceremony at the high school.

What does it mean to earn your letter jacket? To most students, it represents school pride and a way to display personal achievements. But to these remarkable students, it means they’ve participated in at least three years of Special Olympics. Their monogrammed letters ranged from FFA to team sports, and the students proudly claimed their bragging rights.

2018 Special Olympics Letter Jacket Recipients

  • Jacob Boley
  • Jack Carman
  • Ivan Gonzales
  • Alex Hinojosa
  • Ira Kemp
  • Brandon Lappe
  • Abraham Lara
  • Kayla Pippin
  • Alex Scheef
  • Riley Shimek
  • JD Wilson
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